Scientific researches and simulation of metalworking and destruction by the aid of LS-DYNA software


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Cylindrical Workpiece Upsetting Process Research by means of LS-DYNA Software

The present article is dedicated to the issue of exploring the upsetting process of a cylindrical workpiece. The stress-deformed state of a cylindrical model is shown both during standard upset and in different technological modes ...

Simulation of roll forming process of Z-figurative section

In present work the strained state of blank during roll forming at manufacturing of an asymmetrical section of Z-figurative cross-section is investigated with the help of the program LS-DYNA...

Simulation of Cutting Shape Process for Different Forms of Punches

The current work lightens the outcomes of simulation of cutting process for locked design by punches of different shape. The optimum shape of a punch ensuring minimum contortion of profiles cross section is selected...

Simulation of process of manufacturing v-figurative type section from blank with holes

This work presents the results of simulated process of manufacturing V-figurative type section from blank with round holes. The reasons of distortion of round holes and transformation of holes to shape of an ellipse are described...

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crash test
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Joint Stock Company Ulyanovsky NIAT brings to your notice the fulfillment of various types of simulation through LS-DYNA software. The company permanently carries out different scientific researches with implementation of ANSYS/LS-DYNA mathematical simulation software. These explorations are directed to studying of metalworking deforming processes, massive and sheet-forming operations, blows, crash-tests, thermal phenomena, destruction, rollforming and also many other processes.

The mathematical simulation software of LS-DYNA allows exploring the most different processes and phenomena:
computer aided designMetalworking deforming processes of a (bulk, sheet forming operations);
Crash AnalysisBlow processes and crash-tests;
design engineeringThermal phenomena;
ls-dynaDestruction and explosion processes;
finite element analysisAcoustics processes;

We provide:

crash analysissimulation of any METALWORKING DEFORMING: bulk, massive forming operations, forging, coining, precision stamping, metal powder stamping, upsetting, rolling, tube and ring rolling, tube reducing, extrusion, drawing, ironing, co-extrusion and co-drawing, cogging, stretching, cutting, punching, sheet forming and roll forming processes by virtue of mathematical methods;
DYNABlow, percussion and intrusion processes, crash-tests, etc. simulation;
Computational DynamicsDynamic and fast flowing processes simulation by the numerical methods.

Our researches allow determining:

crash test Computer Aided Engineering Tense deformed state both in explored and blowing (forming) parts at any point of a model and within any time interval;

services, industry Critical, dangerous segments of a model where destruction or structural deformation is possible;

finite element model Force, energy, deforming, contact magnitudes in course of model components interworking. Dynamic

Our explorations allow fitting:

ANSYSOptimal metalworking deforming and other technological processes;
FEAOptimal, reasonable types of material depending on the stressed-deformed state of the construction;
LS-DYNASuitable materials and shape for maximum effectiveness of destructive blow and protection tools in crash-tests.

Possible material types:

The simulation can be provided with the use of all possible materials: all types of metals, soil, foam, rubber, glass, fabric, concrete, polymer, etc.



CAE Analysis



The examples of the tasks completed by agency of such CAE software as ANSYS/LS-DYNA and LS-DYNA are submitted...


Upset of a tubular billet

Sheet rolling

Cutting of a rectangular tube


Ironing-bead forming from sheet metal

Tube shell designing


CAE  METALWORKING DEFORMING processes r esearches;

CAE  Destruction processes exploration and crash- tests.


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